A Social Enterprise’s Founders: We are not sure if it works; we just do it

Lim Kimchhun was a national outstanding student in mathematics in 2004. He got a scholarship to study in Japan for 6 years in the field of civil engineering and architecture, urban environmental system engineering and City planning, and he also had working experience in management field over there. Nowadays, he is an investor in the [...]

Ritthy Ou: More men than women engage in politics related issues

Ritthy Ou is a founder of Sour Mouy which is a forum that connects high school students with experienced development practitioners and the pioneers in other sectors such as innovation, entrepreneurship, and politics. Since established in September 2017, the forum has been organized 15 times in 10 provinces. Ritthy is also a co-founder of Politikoffee [...]

If a family doesn’t give chances to their daughters, what do you expect from society?

Cham Bunthet is a personal development trainer and a lecturer in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is known as a social and political commentator in the country. Currently, he is a founder of the Youth Leadership Ambassador which empowers young people to foster their leadership skills. Cham Bunthet facilitated a workshop in early December 2018. (Photo [...]

Skill-share: Scholarship Preparation

The participants in the Skill-share: scholarship preparation to study abroad at ActionAid   The Next Women Generation conducted the Skill-share workshop on November 16, 2018 with 10 university students at ActionAid Cambodia.  The workshop aims to provide basic information for the university students about scholarship sources, processes and applications. The workshop used self-reflection approach to allow [...]