Beatriz Gonzales: Journey to Self-Acceptance

Beatriz Gonzales is a 24-year old mental health advocate. She is best known for her speech titled “The Not Valedictory Address” where she debunked the common notions of what a Valedictorian should be and tackled issues concerning Mental Health. She is continuously doing her part in spreading awareness and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health... Continue Reading →

Klahaan’s co-founder: Feminism means equality between men and women in society

Rachana is a passionate development and policy expert with over 10 years of experience working in the human rights and women’s rights sectors in Cambodia. Rachana has worked with multiple well-established local and international non-governmental organizations and UN agency, and in 2018 Rachana co-founded and continue to lead Klahaan, a local feminist research and campaigning... Continue Reading →

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