Sotheavy AT: Think Plastic is what I like

Sotheavy AT is the winner of the Women of the Future Southeast Asian Awards 2020. She is the founder of Think Plastic, which is a social media campaign to raise awareness of people on plastic usage and environmental pollution in Cambodia. Her campaign page, Think Plastic, has more than 97,000 followers. She produced more than... Continue Reading →

I-Ki Chan: Let’s do what we can during COVID-19

I-ki Chan is the founder of Virtual Global Internship Initiative and a managing coordinator of One Young World in Asia. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, I-ki leads the Virtual Global Internship Initiative, embracing the idea of Working from Home and Overseas Internship, aiming at filling the gap between the excessive supply and demand of... Continue Reading →

Beatriz Gonzales: Journey to Self-Acceptance

Beatriz Gonzales is a 24-year old mental health advocate. She is best known for her speech titled “The Not Valedictory Address” where she debunked the common notions of what a Valedictorian should be and tackled issues concerning Mental Health. She is continuously doing her part in spreading awareness and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health... Continue Reading →

Klahaan’s co-founder: Feminism means equality between men and women in society

Rachana is a passionate development and policy expert with over 10 years of experience working in the human rights and women’s rights sectors in Cambodia. Rachana has worked with multiple well-established local and international non-governmental organizations and UN agency, and in 2018 Rachana co-founded and continue to lead Klahaan, a local feminist research and campaigning... Continue Reading →

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