Sara Rajabli: Honesty, sincerity, and transparency are the keys to success in social entrepreneurship

Sara Rajabli is an award-winning social entrepreneur based in Azerbaijan. She is the founder of BUTA Art & Sweets, the first social enterprise in Azerbaijan, to promote employment opportunities for women with special needs in Azerbaijan. Sara launched the BUTA Art & Sweets with 85 Euros bootstrapping. The platform involves 20 women with special needs,... Continue Reading →

Margianta Surahman: The best social construction is that men and women are equal

Margianta Surahman Juhanda Dinata is the founder and Executive Director of Emancipate Indonesia. Emancipate Indonesia focuses on modern slavery issues, particularly forced marriage, forced labour exploitation and forced sexual exploitation in Indonesia. His passion for promoting the rights and dignity of people living under privilege has been developed through his life experience, being raised by... Continue Reading →

Meaning of Beautiful

I have heard people talked about the power of good-looking appearance in society. When you are beautiful or handsome, you get more opportunities and a better first impression, etc. Yet, I believe that the beauty that genuinely shines from the inside is more potent than just stunning appearance. I decided to share a photo that... Continue Reading →

Sotheavy AT: Think Plastic is what I like

Sotheavy AT is the winner of the Women of the Future Southeast Asian Awards 2020. She is the founder of Think Plastic, which is a social media campaign to raise awareness of people on plastic usage and environmental pollution in Cambodia. Her campaign page, Think Plastic, has more than 97,000 followers. She produced more than... Continue Reading →

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