Rosanich Sou: Don’t fear being judged   

Rosanich Sou (Rose) is the Partner Director at Httpool, handling the TikTok Cambodia market and managing overall strategies and growth of TikTok for Business in Cambodia. She is a marketing strategist, university lecturer, and social supporter. Rose is one of the finalists for the Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia 2019. Obtaining her Master of Science in International Marketing Management from the University of Leeds Business School in 2017, she has been a marketing professional for more than eight years, focusing on partnership management, strategic planning, creatives and multimedia, client service, and new business. She has lectured freshmen and sophomores since 2014 around the areas of marketing, critical thinking, and writing. Throughout her education and career, she has also reached out to youth through public speaking, mentorships, training, and such, via many different projects and programs to develop Cambodian human resources from pre to post-tertiary levels. As a feminist, Rose devotes her time and makes an effort to produce an impact on women’s profiles, values, and perceptions, on various levels, personally and professionally, through communication and leadership.

Click the link below to listen to the interview [Khmer]

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