Cambodia's Social Protection

In Cambodia 2040 of the Future Forum

By 2040, problems regarding a lack of prioritized policy programs, low funding of social protection schemes, and inadequate data management
capacity in social protection programming will have been addressed through effective social protection mechanisms. The six core developments by 2040 are listed below.
▪ Adopting a social security law that provides clear guidelines on social
protection schemes, responsible agencies, and finance mechanisms to
design and implement the social protection schemes.
▪ Providing universal health care to insure all Cambodian in both formal
and informal sectors and in all age brackets in accessing health care
▪ Designing and implementing a home-grown school feeding program to
increase child nutrition and promote socio-economic development.
▪ Providing unemployment insurance to ensure that all Cambodians,
especially women, can access necessary services to upgrade their skills
and knowledge to obtain employment opportunity and can reduce the
risks associated with the loss of incomes.

▪Providing national pension schemes to ensure all Cambodians,
particularly the old age population, have sufficient incomes.
▪ Providing parental leave to promote equitable access to social services
and economic opportunity for women and men and to provide sufficient
support to children in the first twelve months.

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