Youth and Equal Society at Voice of Civil Society

Sotheary You was invited to speak at the Voice of Civil Society on ‘Youth and Equal Society’ on Saturday 15 December 2018. The ‘equal society’ for her means that women and girls are able to enjoy their human rights, more girls will be able to obtain their education, women will be able to get equal pay with men for the same type of job. 

From left to right: Sounmai Sophanith, Davin Noeurn, Sotheary You, Path Sopheak

Sotheary shared the session with two young leaders in the social development field. She mentioned that to promote women’s rights and to achieve an equal society, which she referred to the equal rights between women and men, individual play a crucial role to bring changes. Each societal member should encourage women and girls to pursue their dream, motivate them to challenge discouring perceptions and give them chances to strengthen their capacity. 

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