Inspiring Stories of Young Leaders


  • Sochenda Aok: I want to show an example of a zero-waste lifestyle

    Sochenda Aok is an environmentalist and content creator. She runs the ZEROW, an initiative that raises awareness of people on zero waste lifestyle and climate change. She is also known as Cambodia’s Zero Waste Girl. Sochenda inspires people by showing them a zero-waste lifestyle and encourages them to learn more about it via her digital […]

  • Kimsy Tor: Challenges can help us to build our character

    Kimsy Tor is a mathematician and an assistant professor of the ICT program at the AUPP. She is also a math teacher at AUPP-Foxcroft High School. She was the only student who graduated high school with an ‘A’ grade in 2010. After high school graduation, Kimsy spent many years abroad, earning degrees in mathematics in […]

  • Diana Quintero Giraldo: BIVE makes healthcare services more affordable for rural communities

    Diana Quintero Giraldo is the co-founder of BIVE, a social enterprise that facilitates access to high-quality healthcare services for 21,000 low-income and rural people in Colombia. She is a social innovator and passionate about unleashing the power of entrepreneurship to build sustainable solutions for the most pressing social challenges, especially in access to healthcare. Diana […]

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Next Women Generation is a platform where you can find inspiring stories of young leaders working in business, non-profit, and public sectors. Next Women Generation is a self-funded project led by Sotheary You who works to promote women’s rights and gender equality.

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